International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Giornata della Memoria

To the older, here, because we always need to remember what was taught to us.

To the youngest, because you need to know.

I tried not to choose too strong photos, but the things you’ll see if you check pictures from the Holocaust will make you want to throw up and pray God to never let men do something like that ever again. Yet, go, search for those photos and look at them. These are things we all need to see, even if they’re horrible… because those things are real, those things did happen and keeping it in mind is the best way to learn that dignity is a right we must never take away from any human being. 

"Those who deny Auschwitz would be ready to remake it"

“Auschwitz is outside of us, but it is all around us, in the air. The plague has died away, but the infection still lingers and it would be foolish to deny it. Rejection of human solidarity, obtuse and cynical indifference to the suffering of others, abdication of the intellect and of moral sense to the principle of authority, and above all, at the root of everything, a sweeping tide of cowardice, a colossal cowardice which masks itself as warring virtue, love of country and faith in an idea.”

(both by Primo Levi)

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